• Georganics


    A friend of mine, first mentioned ‘pulling’ as a mouthwash technique a year ago. I was intrigued and did some research. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it originated in India and it’s a process where you swish/pull oil through your teeth for roughly 15-20 minutes a day. This action is reported to draw out toxins from your …

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  • Nor-Folk Tom Boy

    The smart tom boy.

    I’m what society calls a ‘tom boy’. And, to be honest, I always have been. I don’t think that makes me any less of a woman. So here is my big admission – I like comfort. When I’m comfortable, I feel happier. When I’m happier, I’m more productive. I dabbled with more formal wear for meetings and it …

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  • Beau Loves

    Pink to make the girls wink. Happy Valentines Day.

    I’ve never associated colours with gender, from when Stanley was just a couple of weeks old I dressed him in a hot pink baby-grow. He looked great! I dress myself and him in colours that suit our skin tone. Unlike me, he’s able to wear a lovely salmon & blush pink, it doesn’t make him more or less …

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  • Staycation - eco barn.


    Eight years ago today, Bobby and I officially became an ‘item’. Traditionally, we’d celebrate our anniversary by exploring a new city (Barcelona, Amsterdam and Oslo to name a few). Enter into the frame Stanley (in 2013) and our anniversaries took on an entirely different look and feel. For the first few years, we stayed in …

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  • Bobo NF Scout & Co

    Our Legend.

    Stanley’s very first piece of clothing was a Bobo Choses, ‘B’ vest. He wore it home from hospital when he was born. Today, it sits framed and displayed in our hallway. Given our love of Bobo Choses, we are delighted to be working with online UK retailer, Scout & Co Kids, to collaborate and shoot Stanley …

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  • Lolly

    Ice lollies – rethought.

    Sticking to our new year’s resolutions, to make time for and enjoy the simpler moments in life, we decided to make a batch of ice lollies. We’ve long used ‘ice cream’ as a way of discreetly getting our fussy eater to consume a range of fruits and vegetables (without his knowledge). And, at the weekend, we …

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  • Aarhus

    Aarhus at Christmas.

    Originally written, and then adapted for La Petit Magazine blog. – I’ve visited Gothenberg, Oslo, and Copenhagen, so I suppose it would be fair to say I’ve got quite an interest in Scandinavian culture. As well as consuming just about every Nordic Noir boxset available, I am an avid reader about Danish culture – and they …

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  • HNY


    We want to thank you all for being so supportive this year. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster at times but we’ve learnt a heck of a lot along the way and are really excited for what this year will hold. Working with Ikea, Made.com, tokyobike, Adnams and exhibiting at two tradeshows – Playtime & Dot to …

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  • Wedding

    Only you.

    Five years ago today, I married my best friend in front of our friends and family in a beautiful church in Thurne, Norfolk. The church held extra-special significance for Bobby as his grandparents and parents wed there too. Unbeknown to me, one of Bobby’s best friends, Ian, set up cameras to catch parts of the day (he even …

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  • Shoot

    Tall rules.

    I’ve always been the tall girl. I was born long. For years, I hated standing out. To this day, I can hear my dad’s words ringing in my ears, “stand up properly Fiona, don’t slouch.” When I became a teenager, I found less and less clothes that fitted my 35 inch inside leg. Today, thankfully, …

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  • Adnams

    The Big A Tee (Nor–Folk x Adnams).

    Fiona and I were cuddled up on the sofa – it was a Friday night – we were likely enjoying a fruit cider and watching a dark Nordic crime thriller. Anyway, the details don’t really matter – the best bit was that my phone lit up with a DM on Instagram. ‘A lady called Liz …

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  • Nor-Folk Books

    This year I have been reading…

    I’m a curious person by nature. I love meeting new people and understanding how things work. Books feed this appetite. I tend to prefer fact over fiction and, this year, several books have really helped me with both my personal and professional journey. Whilst some have inspired, others have allowed escapism and some have actually …

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  • Bobby Burrage

    Global Entrepreneurship Week, 16th November.

    On Wednesday 16 November, our co-founder, Bobby Burrage, will be speaking about how we created Nor–Folk – taking it from an idea to a global business. Bobby will be sharing stories of our journey so far and plans for the future. This event is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, in collaboration with Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library. Doors open at 5.45pm at Norwich University of …

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  • Fiona Burrage

    Minimalist family living.

    Last month, Made.com interviewed me in my home to discuss my love of Scandinavian design, minimalism and how these principles integrate with our family. You can see the photos and read my full interview here. Following the launch of the video, Finery & Made have joined forces to give you £1,000 to spend within their stores. …

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  • Fiona Burrage

    Standing out.

    Your brand isn’t just your logo – it’s every touch point that a person has with your business. Branding goes deeper than just a (visual) identity and its application – it’s ‘you’. And, even if you don’t run a business, you can still establish your own brand. Your appearance and how you dress says a lot about you and your character and …

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  • Esther

    Our intern Esther.

    Hi, I’m Esther and I am interning with Nor-Folk as part of my degree in BA Textile Design at Norwich University of the Arts. I am 21 years old and I love the idea of building a life that is rich in creativity in every aspect. I have terrible taste in films, a passion for good food …

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  • Urban Jungle

    Urban Jungle Commission.

    It was our first intern, Lauren, who made me aware of Urban Jungle, she described a place just outside of Norwich that serves great coffee and was like an oasis of palms and succulents. That was the middle of 2015. Over the following year, we enjoyed several trips for plants, ate their delicious gluten free …

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  • Hyper Pixel

    The people behind the scenes.

    Whilst I have co-run our other business (a design consultancy called The Click) for eight years, this is a professional services business. I had a limited amount of retail experience from my university days but I’d never run an e-commerce business, let alone exported or managed production. It’s fair to say that my first year …

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  • Nor-Folk Bathroom

    Small spaces need big vision.

    The ensuite to our master bedroom was quite simply a cupboard with a toilet, sink and no natural light. What we did have was a large landing which I felt served no real purpose. For over a year, with family and friends, we debated ways of accommodating a shower and every solution just felt like a compromise. As with …

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  • Play-Hard-Twinning

    Minimal Twinning.

    When you say ‘twinning’ your mind might jump to twee mother-and-child-circa-80’s match-matchy jumpsuits. It’s had a bit of a bad rep, but twinning has definitely undergone a resurgence, especially with celebrities proudly leading the way. When Stanley was born I, for one, was happy to twin – it was a very visible link and almost an …

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  • Nor-Folk Awards

    Best Newcomer, Highly Commended.

    This is our second award in as many weeks, so we are just blown away. We couldn’t ask for more awesome support than that of our loyal customers, wholesalers and followers on social media. So to now be recognised by our peers is just the cherry on the cake. Thank you very much Smallish Magazine. You …

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  • Roof terrace, Nor-Folk

    Roof terrace to roof garden.

    We moved into our current home in The Factory in 2013. The entire apartment was looking a sorry-sorry state, in particular the decking was unloved and untreated. Despite annual staining, after only a couple of months, it was looking tired again. Ever since I saw the 2011 film Shame, I fell in love with the …

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  • Nor-Folk x Adnams

    Adnams appoint us.

    Earlier this week, we took a scenic tour along the Suffolk coastline to beautiful Southwold, for a meeting with independent brewery, Adnams. Adnams have appointed us to design a capsule adults collection. We were invited by the Adnams team for a discovery day – to fully immerse ourselves in their brand. This involved meeting some of their team, a …

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  • Dot Tees Nor-Folk

    Writing our own rules.

    One of things I’ve loved most about launching and growing Nor-Folk is the ability to write my own rules. I’m not anti-conformity but I am anti-design for the sake of it. I prefer to design with consideration and crafting. Creating something that has the ability to stand the test of time and I think this …

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  • Junior Magazine, Gold.

    We got GOLD.

    Before Stanley was born I was an avid reader and subscriber to Junior Magazine. I admired the quality of the journalism, strength of photography and mix of content. Now online only, it is a great resource and site for parents. At the start of this year, I decided that I’d enter Nor-Folk into three awards – Junior Magazine, …

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